LENSES Sessions for Your Church

My perspective—how I see the world—impacts how I answer life’s most important questions. Like different lenses, there are different ways to view God and the world around me. My view of God, my “God lens”,  is the most important, because it affects my view of everything else.

The LENSES Sessions help guide your congregation through a Biblical perspective on God that will help them have hope and strength for life.

Usually, LENSES is presented on a single  weekend or as travel allows, two  Sundays.

Who Teaches the LENSES Sessions?


LENSES is taught by the father and son team of Michael and Adam Parmenter.  Michael,  a graduate of Frontier School of the Bible,  is associate pastor at  Kingman Bible in Kingman, Arizona.  Adam is a information project manager in the pharmaceutical industry as well as preaching and singing throughout the Midwest.

For more information about Michael and Adam use this link.

What are the LENSES Sessions?

A two-day multi-session event.

1 – Seeing God 
Introduces core truths about God (omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence, etc) using everyday language.  This session challenges the listener to examine their own life and ask if they really live as if they believe.

2 – Do I Matter?
Everyone desires a sense of significance and wants to be important in the eyes of the ones we love.  This session examines how important we are to God and how that can give strength and confidence from Him in order to live for Him.

Watch the Do I Matter LENSES session recorded at First Baptist, South Haven, MI by clicking this link.

3 – Can I Trust You, God?
When we face disappointment or tragedy, we are tempted to doubt God.  This session guides the congregation to an understanding that the sovereign God works in all our circumstances for our good and His glory.  Also, despite any hardship in this life, God holds our glorious eternity securely in His hand.

4 – The God Who…
Using music and three short messages we celebrate together that

  • The God who made us is…
  • The God who saved us and …
  • The God who sustains us.

Who is the Best Audience for LENSES?

LENSES is suitable for youth groups as well as adult sessions.  Michael and Adam tailor their style to meet the needs of their audience.  Both have spoken to ages from youth to elderly and in a variety of churches.

Where are They Ministering Next?

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What Does it Cost to Schedule a Lenses Session?

Cost of travel, lodging, and meals during travel.
A flat fee of $2,000.

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