Jesus Is … A Real Person

We consider the Bible the only reliable source of information about Jesus Christ.  As such, it contains four separate eye witness testimonies of Jesus, how he lived and what he taught.  We call those testimonies, Gospels.  The word Gospel means good news.
The Gospel writers wrote about Jesus life to preserve an aaccount of who he is so others could know him as well.  The Gospels aren’t  a daily log or journal.  They weren’t concerned with every moment of Jesus life.  They really didn’t care much about what he did as a child, and they didn’t capture every single event in Jesus life.
What they each wrote down are Jesus key teachings, his work and ministry among the people and his death, burial and resurrection.  Thy wrote about Jesus, the Messiah; savior of the world.

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The Gospel writer, Luke, personal physician to the Apostle Paul and a writer lived and wrote about Jesus about 30 years after Jesus left the earth.  He learned about Jesus life from Paul and then completed extensive interviews with eye witnesses.  He describes Jesus as having been born of a woman.  Right now you might be thinking, “Well no duh.” Right?  But it’s important to confirm that.  Jesus is the one-of-a-kindGod/man.  Savior of the world.  The Bible says, that Jesus faced temptation in all ways like we do, but he never disobeyed God.  Jesus was the only man that never sinned.  But, for that to be a meaningful and important statement, Jesus has to actually be a flesh and blood human like us.

There are people who have said, “No way”.  A human can never be a savior.  He just appeared human or he was a ghost and tricked everybody.

But, Luke reports that his human mother, Mary, was pregnant and in trouble, because the father of the child was not her fiancé ’Joseph.  Luke then goes on to describe how Joseph and Mary, while travelling, were urgently seeking a place to stay so that Mary could give birth to the baby Jesus.

Jesus was physically born a human baby of a woman in that same way that all people are born.  Mary and Joseph raised Jesus as his parents like any real boy.  During his life he touched people in order to heal them, ate meals with friends and followers, and slept when he was tired. To say he wasn’t human is just silly.  If he was a spirit and only appeared human then he was playing some crazy mind tricks on thousands of people and shouldn’t be trusted.

No.  A real human Jesus was nailed to a cross and suffered the penalty for all the bad in the world (called sin).  A real physical Jesus really died and was placed in a tomb. A real physical Jesus rose from the dead,  and after his resurrection ate meals with his followers and spent time with many people prior to ascending to heaven.

Jesus is a real human man.

When I’m discouraged or sorrowful, I know that Jesus has experienced the very same in his first time on Earth.  If I feel isolated or rejected, I know that Jesus went through that too, big time.  Whatever stress or temptation we face Jesus has faced something similar, because he was human like you and me.

The Bible says something else about Jesus that is quite mysterious:  Jesus is God.

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