Meet Michael


From an early age, Michael’s life dream was to tell others about Jesus Christ.

While traveling with his family as a child he took part in concerts, presentations, running sound, teaching and more.

Michael met Sarah while they were attending Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange, Wyoming.

While at Fontier Michael toured in the US and Europe in an evangelistic music group.  Michael also served in local Wyoming churches and was a member of the jail ministry team.

Together Sarah and Michael served for three weeks on a team that conducted events teaching English and the Bible in Central Europe.


After they graduated from Frontier they  were married the following September.  Michael and Sarah have made their home in Iowa where Michael works in the shipping department of a tool manufacturer.  They attend at New Covenant Bible Church where they volunteer in music and children’s ministry.michael-and-sarah

Michael is a preacher and co-writer of the Lenses series.

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