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We are a father and son who believe the Bible is the message from God and that Christ, our savior, offers eternal life and lasting hope.

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Share the Crown came from our desire to tell people about the surpassing value of knowing, loving and living a life devoted to Jesus Christ.  He is our Savior, God’s Spirit is our guide and the Bible is a treasure for our lives.  It’s such a source of hope and peace that we want to share it with others.


Share The Crown was born in 2008, when Adam, his wife marge and their two children, Michael and Maryellen, began to work full time for a mission agency.  They visited churches in the Midwest, leading church services, singing concerts and teaching.

Today, Adam is a technical writer and business analyst for a Michigan pharmaceutical company and continues to preach, teach and sing  on the weekends.

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Michael is a musician, preacher and co-writer of the lenses series.  He picked up some of his skills when on the road with the family and refined them further while a student at Frontier School of the Bible.  Today Michael and his wife Sarah live and work in Iowa.  Michael preaches on the weekends and is co-writing the LENSES series.

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You can schedule Michael or Adam to speak to your group, conference or church.

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